My art story begins in the country town of Albury N.S.W. (circa late 1970s) as a young boy who loved to draw, especially cartoons, anything from Disney  characters to the Muppets, Footrot Flats and the Ettamogah Pub cartoon series. One of my other early influences was Australian cartoonist Geoff Hook. Little did I know that my knack for copying his political and footy inspired cartoons was secretly shaping my artistic observation and technical skills. Fast forward through the teenage years, where sports, girls and school ruled the day, and my artistic endeavours collected dust.

As the curtain dropped on adolescence, I decided to shuffle my career cards. First, I tried my hand at being a screen printer, drawn to the hands-on artistry. But I soon figured out that the real fun was in creating the artwork itself! So, I ditched the apprenticeship, packed my bags for Melbourne, and launched into a graphic art degree with the aim of using my creativity to actually earn a salary - something I didn’t think was possible as a fine artist. I spent a good 15 years plying my trade in various corners of the graphics and printing industry.

By then, my life had followed the traditional path of marriage, fatherhood, and a mortgage - the notion of being a full-time artist felt as distant as a UFO sighting. But in 2007, as my wife geared up to rejoin the full time workforce, I swapped my 9-to-5 days for a 24/7 gig as the stay-at-home Dad for my spirited 5 and 3 year-olds. Oh, and it marked the beginning of my painting career! I experimented with unbridled enthusiasm (between school and kinder hours, of course), crafting a style uniquely my own. Later that same year, I took a daring leap and entered some of my work into a local art show. To my astonishment, I sold not one but two pieces, and just like that, I was off to the races!

For the next eight years, I painted whimsical acrylic wonders that found happy homes. I was painting and selling consistently, and the bills seemed content to stay at bay. But, as with all good things, the artist's itch for something new started tickling my creative senses. Inspired by the stencil art works of Banksy and other urban maestros, I embarked on a DIY journey, armed with YouTube tutorials and a lot of trial and error. Eight more years in, and I've carved my own niche in the world of stencils. It's a challenge, sure, but it keeps me on my toes, blending Photoshop with traditional painting and spray painting, not forgetting the meticulous craft of cutting stencils by hand (admittedly, a tad tedious, but hey, no pain, no artistic gain!).

Thanks for tuning in to my creative rollercoaster ride. If my art takes your fancy, don't forget to hop on the VIP list for exclusive exhibitions, art prizes, and top-secret VIP deals. And if you're curious about what happens behind the scenes, join me on Instagram and Facebook for a sneak peek into my studio practises.     Cheers to art, laughs, and the delightful quirks of life!                                                                                                                 



  • Finalist - Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award (2023)
  • Finalist - National Capital Art Prize 2022 (sustainability section)

  • Finalist - Omnia Art Prize 2022 (formerly St.Kevins)

  • Finalist - National Capital Art Prize 2021 (open section)

  • Finalist - Bluethumb Art Prize 2021

  • Finalist - Art Lovers Australia Art Prize 2019/20

  • Finalist - Stencil Art Prize (2019/20)

  • Finalist - Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award (2019)

  • Short-listed Finalist - St.Kevins Art Show (2018/19)

  • Finalist - Gallipoli Art Prize (2016).

  • Semi-Finalist - Signature of M Art Prize (2008)


  • 2023 The Other Art Fair - Sydney edition
  • 2022 The Other Art Fair - Sydney edition
  • 2022 Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery - ‘Streets Of Your Town’
  • 2022 The Other Art Fair - Melbourne edition

  • 2018 Hawthorn Studio & Gallery - ‘Urban Nature’ exhibition

  • 2014 The Stonehouse Gallery

  • 2014-16 The Firehouse Restaurant

  • 2010 The Yellow Door Cafe (Albert Park)

Geoff has been a Feature Artist at several art shows in and around Melbourne in recent years including:

  • Canterbury Art Show (2019),

  • St.Kevins Art ( May 2016),

  • Roberts McCubbin Art (2015),

  • Brunswick Art Festival (2013),

  • MountView Art (2013),

  • Fairfield Art4All (2012),

  • Mt.Eliza Art (2009).


  • National Capital Art Prize 2021 & 2022

  • Stencil Art Prize travelling exhibition 2019/20/21

  • Lethbridge Gallery Small Works Art Prize 2019

  • Summer Exhibition- Hawthorn Studio Gallery 2018

  • Hong Kong Art Fair - Manyung Gallery 2017

  • "Stories" Yard Furniture 2016

  • "Metropolis" Manyung Gallery 2016

  • Singapore Art Fair - Manyung Gallery 2016

  • Gallipoli Art prize exhibition 2016

  • Linden Contemporary Art (Postcards 2008-14)

  • Brunswick Street Gallery (small works 2011/12 & 2017)

  • Beechworth Fine Art (2008-10)

  • Without Pier Gallery-Cheltenham (2009).

“Buying original art is the best way to express your personality - line your walls with something that means something to you, and you will gain endless pleasure every time you look at it!”